About The Home Buyers, Inc.

Our status as one of very few exclusive buyer broker Realtors® already sets us apart. But it’s an innovative, superior, experienced approach to real estate overall that puts The Home Buyers, Inc. in a class by itself. 

We’re one of very few exclusive buyer broker Realtors®. That advantage alons might be enough. But, we build on that concept to deliver a better overall approach to real estate. That approach grew from a history of deeply personal frustration. And that led us to build a top-notch team of exclusive buyer brokers. As a result, collection of glowing client testimonials grows everyday.

We want everything about The Home Buyers, Inc. to be working in your favor.

Exclusive Buyer Brokers Offer A Better Approach

The Home Buyers, Inc. offers more than the benefits of working with an exclusive buyer broker. Sure, we never, ever list a home for sale. But that’s just one way we’re redefining what a real estate agency can be. more

A History of Buyer Advocacy

The Home Buyers, Inc. was borne out of personal frustration. “Buyer beware” was the order of the day. The system seemed rigged to favor the seller. That was who most agents represented. And, most home buyers had no idea that were getting considerably less than 100% advocacy. If the home buyer got shorted, it was “just business.” Clearly, it was time to change the business. It was time for exclusive buyer brokers. more

The Exclusive Buyer Broker Team

Our exclusive buyer brokers are bound together by one thing: An unwavering commitment to representing the home buyer. Individually, they represent a range of real estate experience and capabilities. Together, we form a solid team. We’re ready to offer expert counsel for every situation. more

Clients Speak: Exclusive Buyer Brokers Are Better

The ever-growing list of glowing client testimonials share a common theme: For home home buyers, an exclusive buyer is the only way to go. That’s hardly surprising. The benefits of 100% advocacy speak for themselves. After all, what home buyer wouldn’t want total representation.  more