Better Approach Leads To The Best Service

The Home Buyers, Inc. may offer the exclusive buyer agent advantage, but the benefits to home owners go above and beyond. Never, ever listing a home for sale is just one way we’re redefining what a real estate agency is. Everything about our approach rethinks business as usual to offer you the best possible service.

The Briefing

From the very first briefing with The Home Buyers, Inc., you’ll know that this Realtor® is different – and that your interests truly are being represented. The first step, of course, is getting to know you so we can truly understand your goals. more

The Best Guarantee in the Business

The Home Buyers, Inc. offers you the most aggressive guarantee in the business: Absolute 100 percent satisfaction – in writing. Read the guarantee now. more

Trained to Serve the Home Buyer

To be effective, an exclusive buyer agent must unlearn many of the real estate’s industry’s prevailing beliefs. Where traditional training tries to drive home the message that the only way to make money in real estate is to sell houses, The Home Buyers, Inc. emphasizes service to the home buyer. It trains its agents on the value of repeat business and referrals that comes when they put the interests of their home buyers first. more

The Team Approach

Unlike other real estate agencies, The Home Buyers, Inc. takes a team approach to representation. Thanks to that team approach, it’s like getting two Realtors® for the price of one. more

No Cost to You

Not only does it cost you nothing to enlist of The Home Buyers, Inc. to help with your house hunting, you’re also getting the complete and unconflicted representation only an exclusive buyer agent can give you. more

New Construction Services

For home buyers seeking new construction, The Home Buyers, Inc. provides a sensible alternative to the go-it-alone approach. The Home Buyers’ many services illustrate why it makes sense to enlist the help of an exclusive buyer agenct. more