Team Focus


Unlike other real estate agencies, The Home Buyers, Inc. takes a team approach to representation. Thanks to that focus from the entire team, each client has not one, but three professionals assigned to their home search.

For home buyers, it’s like getting three professionals for the price of one.

One big advantage to the team approach is that you get twice the availability when it comes to being shown homes. You won’t miss finding the home of your dreams because you’ll never hear us say, “You’ll have to wait to see the home while I’m out of town,” or, “I’m busy working with other clients.” Plus, home buyers get twice the perspective, twice the flexibility and twice the insight throughout the home search. And that makes the impact on our ability to meet your needs exponential.

Our team approach is just one of the reasons we are able to offer two other rarities in the real estate business: Our hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and the easy-out clause in our representation contract.

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