Gain the Exclusive Buyer Agent Advantage

Do you want the advantage throughout the home buying process? Insist on working with an exclusive buyer agent.

Exclusive buyer agents (EBAs) assure home buyers that there is no conflict of interest. EBAs represent the home buyer, never the seller. It’s that 100% representation hat makes an exclusive buyer agent the your best choice.

As exclusive buyer agent pioneers, we’re confident that we offer the Twin Cities’ very best option for home buyers. To learn how our approach surpasses other agencies, including other exclusive buyer agents, contact The Home Buyers, Inc. now. Ready to become a client?


Exclusive Buyer Agents: The Home Buyer’s Best Choice

Exclusive buyer agents offer other benefits. All of this makes exclusive buyer agents better than other types of agents and much better than looking on your own. more

Who Your Realtor® Really Represents

When searching for a home, keep in mind one simple fact. It could save you thousands of dollars. That fact: Most Realtors® really represent the seller. That can put the interests of home buyers second. A savvy home buyer knows that almost everything throughout a real estate transaction is skewed to favor the seller. That’s why it is important to know the three types of agents, and how to find the one that only represents the buyer. more

Positive Press

In the ten or more years that the concept has been around, exclusive buyer agency has drawn a growing amount of positive press. The exclusive buyer agenct concept has been covered in BusinessWeek, Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, Real Estate Weekly, SmartMoney Magazine, USA Today, US & World Report, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. more


To help you keep learning about all the advantages to using an exclusive buyer agent, we’ve assembled a list of some key resources. more