EBA is the Best Choice for Home Buyers

There are many things that make exclusive buyer agency the home buyer’s best choice.

Heading the list is that, when you engage an exclusive buyer agent, you can be confident that you are receiving one hundred percent representation. Plus there are many other benefits for the home buyer, all of which make exclusive buyer agents much better than looking on your own.

To make the best choice for your home buying experience, make sure you contact The Home Buyers, Inc. today.

100% Representation

The biggest benefit is that only an exclusive buyer agent is dedicated solely to the interest of the home buyer. That’s what makes them exclusive. Only an exclusive buyer agent has a one hundred percent legal and ethical obligation to the home buyer. And, that unwavering focus on the home buyers only can result in savings of thousands of dollars. more

Many Other Benefits for the Home Buyer

Exclusive buyer agents offer many other benefits for the home buyer. When you engage an exclusive buyer agency such as The Home Buyers, Inc., you can be certain that it is protecting your privacy, negotiating for you and advocating to ensure that you get accurate information, a qualified home inspection and the most economical financing. more

Better Than House Hunting on Your Own

With the Internet making it so easy to search for homes, some home buyers may wonder whether they need the services of a real estate agent. On top of that, all the uncertainty about who most Realtors® really represent can tempt home buyers to look on their own. That doubt goes away when they realize that, with an exclusive buyer agent, you don’t risk losing fair representation when visiting open houses, it costs nothing out of pocket and you get access to more homes sooner. And, it doesn’t necessarily prevent you from snooping on the side. more