The Truth About Who Your Agency REALLY Represents

If you’re searching for a home, keeping one simple fact in mind could save you thousands of dollars. That fact: Almost every Realtor® really represents the seller. That means the interests of home buyers almost always come second. The only way to be certain that your Realtor® has only your interests in mind – and not the sellers’ – is to engage an exclusive buyer agent.

A savvy home buyer must keep in mind that the almost everything throughout a real estate transaction is skewed to favor the seller. That’s why is important to know the three types of agents and to always beware of dual agency.

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Skewed to Favor the Seller

Most real estate transactions are skewed in favor of the seller. That’s because most home buyers fail to recognize a few simple facts. As representive of the seller, most real estate agents are duty-bound to work against the interests of home buyers. Also, a home’s listing agent is not on the home buyer’s side. Finally, these facts can apply even when Realtors® call themselves “buyers” brokers. more

Know the Three Types of Agents

The type of agency you choose can make a big difference. To really understand why an exclusive buyer agent is the home buyer’s best choice, it helps to know that there is a real difference between exclusive buyer agents, exclusive seller agents and dual agents. Choose the right type of real estate agency and you can get more choices of homes, better information, better guidance and a higher quality home, all for a lower price. more

Beware Dual Agency

Most all real estate agencies attempt to represent both home buyers and home sellers. That makes them dual agents. And that means a home buyer who is not careful could very likely end up with an agent who is not representing his or her interests one hundred percent. more