What Information Does the Lender Disclose?

Who knows what, and when, affects real estate negotiations. Ask these questions to find a lender whose information disclosure policies protect your interests as much as the law allows.

  • How might you disclosures to an appraiser help or harm my financial interests?
  • What information are you required to provide other parties (the property owner, the real estate agents, etc.) about my loan, loan application, appraisal or lender repair requirements?
  • What kinds of property defects or adverse environmental conditions must be repaired or cured before approving and funding the loan?
  • If I pay for a copy of my credit report and appraisal report, how quickly will you provide copies?

When looking for the right lender, make sure you cover each of these additional question categories:

General questions to ask a lender
How does the lender protect home buyers’ interests?
How does the lender handle closing costs and other fees?