Hiring a Realtor

One of the very first steps when when buying a home is to choose your exclusive buyer agent (EBA) or other reliable Realtor®. Finding the right agent is the key to finding the right home.

It also makes sense to hire a Realtor® before you start looking. This limits the potential for problems and other conflicts down the road. Our Open House Warning is one example of how you how starting your home search without representation can limit your options.  Ready to become a client?

Buyer-only, Seller-only or Dual Agent?

Remember how helpful it is to know the three common types of agents

Is the Realtor® you are considering an exclusive buyer agent (EBA)? That is, does he or she offer you 100 perecent focus on your interests and the many other benefits for the home buyer?

While it is possible you’ll run across a seller-only real estate agent who does not represent home buyers at all, there is almost no chance a seller-only agent would offer to work with you.

Most Realtors® fall into the dual agency category, meaning they represent sellers by listing homes for sale and they attempt to represent home buyers in their seach for a new house.

What to Ask a Realtor®

The best way to find the right Realtor® is to ask lots of questions. After you’ve asked the first and biggest question – whether the Realtor® is a seller-only, dual or exclusive buyer agent – there are three categories of follow-up questions.

Questions to ask any Realtor®
Questions to ask an exclusive buyer agent
Questions to ask a dual agent