The Best Guarantee In The Business

The Home Buyers, Inc. offers you the most aggressive guarantee in the business: Absolute 100 percent satisfaction.

The representation contract we sign with you backs that guarantee with an easy-out clause. Written into every contract, The Home Buyers, Inc. gives home buyers the option to the cancel the contract. At any time, for any reason, you may terminate our exclusive right to represent you.

This stands in stark contract to other real estate agencies that do not routinely include such a clause and might only include one by special request. With other Realtors®, once you sign the contract you may find yourself stuck for the duration of the transaction. On the other hand, because we know you can terminate at any time, we stay focused on earning your continued business throughout the process.

The Home Buyers, Inc., on the other hand, is so confident that home buyers will value and benefit from its services, it backs it with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

100 Percent Satisfaction

This is the simple pledge that guides us as we represent you in the home buying process:

All of our services are guaranteed to give 100 percent satisfaction in every way. Please comment to any of our client service team members or our client service hot-line if our service proves otherwise. We will correct it as you wish. Or, you may feel free to terminate our representation contract. We do not want you to have any experience with The Home Buyers that is not completely satisfactory.

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