The Briefing

From the very first briefing with The Home Buyers, Inc., you’ll know that this Realtor® is different – and that your interests truly are being represented.

Learning About You

We start our first meeting by gathering some critical information.

What are your reasons for wanting to purchase a home? Knowing whether the home is for you or an investment, for example, will help us target the search.

What is your timetable? Whether you’re selling your home and want to move-up as soon as you find something – or just want to be ready for the right investment opportunities when they come along – will effect your search.

Plus, we’ll work with you to discover other areas of concern.

Explaining How We’re Different

It’s when we get to work that you’ll really see the difference between The Home Buyers, Inc. and other Realtors.® For one thing, thanks to our team approach, you’ll have twice the advocacy with not one, but a team of two agents working for your interests.

Finding the Right Home

There’s something you may notice as we start to direct you to possible homes. All of them are listed by a Realtor® other than The Home Buyers, Inc. That’s because we never list homes for sale. Since we don’t stand to gain when you buy one house over another, we don’t waste your time dragging you to homes that don’t meet your needs. With The Home Buyers, Inc., you can be confident that we have your interests in mind when we recommend a home.

It’s all part of the exclusive buyer agent advantage.

Asking the Right Questions

As you narrow your search, you can depend on us to ask the right questions, doing what we can to learn about prospective properties.

Taking Fiduciary Responsibility

We’ll also take one hundred percent fiduciary responsibility when it comes to confirming that a home’s asking price matches its value. And, we’ll stand with you in negotiating a price that reflects that value. And, to make sure everything is in order, we’ll be there when you meet with your mortgage banker. (Note the state law requirements as stated in the Agency Disclosure.)

Setting the Strategy

As a result of our first meeting with you – and driven by everything else that results in a better approach to exclusive buyer agency – we devise an action plan to find you the home of your dreams. And, since we are not sales people, we will actually advise you not to buy a home if it looks like a bad investment.

As we set the strategy, we remain committed to our focus on client satisfaction and building long-term relationship. You’ll probably buy another home sometime in the future and we want you to choose us when you do. With 14 years experience behind us, you can bet that we’ll be around to serve repeat clients.